Birthday Wishes for your Son


120 Birthday Wishes for your Son

Your son's birthday is about to come up, but you have no idea what to say, what a wonderful boy you think he is. Don't worry - we've got you covered with happy birthday son quotes, wishes and meaningful messages! Here are some birthday wishes and messages for your son that will help you figure out the best way to wish your son a happy birthday!

Birthday Quotes For Your Son

'You don't raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they will become heroes, even if it is in your own eyes.' - Wally Schirra

'When your son grows up, be his brother.' - Arabic proverbs

'Until you have a son of your own, you will never know what that means. You will never know joy beyond bliss, love beyond the feeling that resonates in a father's heart when he looks at his son. ' - Kent Nerburn

'Sometimes when I need a miracle, I look into my son's eyes, and realize that I have already created a miracle.' - unknown

Birthday Wishes For Son

Happy Birthday son! I hope you always remain happy, healthy and a blessing to everyone around you. Lots of hugs, mom.

Dear son, I am grateful to you every day. You are a bundle of joy that brings nothing but happiness in our lives.

Happy birthday son, no matter how old you are, you are always mommy's little boy. I can't believe how fast the years went by. Best wishes for your future endeavours, I'm sure you'll rock your socks!

I am grateful for all you have done for this family and wish you even more success and greatness coming your way.

Every day my heart fills with love for you. You have made me such a proud mother, I am very happy to call you my son and I am sure everyone else is also happy to have you in their lives.

When you were born, I couldn't even fathom how much you meant to me. You're everything to me. May your special day be filled with untold splendor. happy Birthday!

I hope that your birthday this year is the start of an unforgettable journey that will lead you to an even brighter future. Always remember to wish and dream.

If I look back at everything I have done in my life, you are easily the best thing I have ever done in my life. Honestly, it is a miracle that I can have a happy and true child like you.

You have so many sweet memories as a child, but I’m sure your future will be sweeter. I hope your cake is half less sweet than you. Happy birthday son!

This year on your birthday I am so grateful that you have grown into such a bright and capable young man. It is a consolation to know that everything that awaits you will always be up to you.

On your birthday this year, I am very grateful to you that you have grown into such a bright and capable young man. It is comforting to know that whatever awaits you will always be upon you.

For your birthday, I want to be able to stop time. Not only will I be with you forever, but also to stop feeling so old! Happy birthday to my son, thanks to which I at least feel young in my soul.

My joy of being your son is immeasurable. This can only be felt by hugging, kissing, and worshiping. I am so happy that I have had the blessing of a wonderful son like you.

From birth, he brought nothing but purpose and joy to my life. You are an amazing son and I am so happy to be your parent. Best wishes!

Know that whatever you decide in life, I will always be proud of you. This year, on your birthday, I am very proud to be a smart, loving and considerate young man.

Being a parent is not easy, but it is not difficult to love a strange son like you. You bring wonder and lasting love into my life. Happy birthday, my son!

You know that when I scold you, it's only because I don't care, and when I hug you, it's because I love you pieces. I wish you the best of luck in life and your birthday can be filled with gifts and laughter.

I hope you will always look forward to success, my son, whether in life or in love, I hope all your dreams and aspirations will come true. Best wishes!

When you got pregnant, I had no idea how to be a parent in the world. Now I don’t think I’m not. Because I have a strange son like you.

18. He always wanted us to treat him like an adult, so we decided to please him on this birthday. Cleaning and working is yours this year. All right!

19. It is a wonderful feeling to have an older son like you. Nothing makes me happier than to choke you with love, but the best feeling in the world is to give back that love.

20. Every day you came into my life, you did nothing but surprise me. I am so happy to have a son who is not only attractive but also perfect.

21. This year I want you to know that my world is beautiful with you. I had no idea how much fun it would be to be a parent. All parents dream of such a child.

22. My love for you has always been free, but I am proud and hope you have really served for many years. I'm so proud of the guy you're already.

23. No matter how old you are, know that you will always be my friend. You may not like it, but sometimes the cake falls. Happy birthday to my dear boy.

24. When you were a child, you scolded me when I was a teenager, you didn't talk much, and then when you were older, your words were very important to me. Here are a few birthday words that I really think about: I love you.

25. Even though you are too old to live in a house, you will still have a place in our hearts. You will never grow old for our love and support. Happy birthday to our special son!

26. If your birthday is only half your birthday, it will be the biggest celebration of the year. No one deserves it more than you do. May your special day be filled with tons of bread and presents.

27. No matter where you go in life, I will always send you the best. I hope that this year your birthday will be filled with everything you could wish for. Happy birthday, son!

28. Always remember that when your life is very difficult, you can still go to your parents. Hugging and tips will always set us free. Maybe that's all there is to it!

29. I hope your future births will be as memorable as yours, my son. It should be because your loving parents will take care of each one of them.

30. With such love and joy, I look back every time I have been blessed by you in my life. I just hope that as you get older you will too. Happy birthday to my dear son!

31. I hope that tomorrow all of you will be filled with all that health has to offer, because a wonderful and charming son like you has enriched my life in so many ways.

32. You have such a precious gift in life: you love it easily. Happy birthday to my naughty, lovely and totally charming son. May you be healthy and happy on your special day.

33. As a parent, it is my job to appreciate the special moments I can share with you. Having an amazing son like you makes your job easier. Best wishes!

34. When you were young, I was your hero and now you have become mine. I can’t believe how old you are in the last few years. You have become a wise, strong, and courageous young man, whom I have come to love.

Happy birthday, son, I promise I will sing very, very much for you
35. Every year, your birthday is a wonderful reminder of how happy we were when you were born. You have brought great joy into our lives and we are grateful forever. No parent can be as proud of his or her son as we are.

36. I used to teach you how to use a potty, but now you have taught me to be a better parent. So you know, it's great about this change!

37. Whenever you feel cold and lonely in life, call me and my pillows will warm you up. May you feel nothing but eternal love and eternal support for your birthday.

38. I may not always have much free time in my life, but I will always find your time. It is the most precious gift I have ever received in my life. Happy birthday, son!

39. Maybe I taught you to be a good person, but you taught me to be a great parent. Because of your expectations, I was still trying to be the kind of person you can be proud of.

40. Don't worry, just because you're older, we can't get you presents. See
this year, we decided to give you a gift that focused on money, because you always love it: the gift to pay off all your debts. Happy birthday, you are an adult!

41. My son, you are the perfect example of everything that has happened to me in my life. May your birthday be fun, laughter and gifts.

42. And I do not understand how from the moment you held your fingers to the grip of your hand. Time has passed quickly over the years, but one thing will remain the same: my boundless love for you. Best wishes!

As parents, we want many things in life: love, happiness, and wealth are among them. I hope you will always remember to remain loyal to yourself and remember everything we tried to teach you.

44. Your love is like a candle that will shine forever in my heart. You have brought nothing but light and joy into my life, but I can count on being with you all these years as you have been with me.

45. When you are in difficult times and you feel frustrated, think of the love of your parents, because no matter what your life's problems are, we will always be by your side.

46. ​​You can always fill my heart with love and morality. I wish I could be there for your birthday so I can hug you in person, but know that my thoughts are always with you.

47. When you were younger, I tried to teach you everything, but now that you are older, you feel like you know everything! I still love you. Happy birthday, son!

48. your hugs give me the will to continue on the floor and outside. Thank you for feeling comfortable in my life. If you are troubled, come to me and I will always repay you for your kindness.

49. I know you will not stand for the king of your fortress, but I hope you know that you will always be a little prince to me. May your birthday be filled with humor and endless joy.

50. I hope your birthday marks the beginning of a wonderful time in your life. Know that I will not be proud of the amazing man you are already. Happy birthday, son!

51. You may have caused me some trouble again, but it is because the apple does not fall very far from the tree. When I look at you now, I see my kind, who is also friendly, honest and hardworking. I am so glad that you have become that man I am proud to call him my son.

52. On this day many years ago, I achieved my greatest achievement: having a son like you. If I can, I can give you the world, but this year you will have to satisfy this chocolate cake.

53. It is impossible to describe in words how wonderful it is to have a wonderful son like you. If I had to try, I would go with it: I love you more than life itself.

54. You may be a father, but in my heart you will always be my friend. I am so happy that you can have the same joy and anxiety as I do. Happy birthday, son!

55. This year I would like to blow out the candles on your birthday, cut the cake and bathe in the love and worship of my parents! May your birthday be full of beauty and happiness.

56. You have been so many times in your life that you have brought me so much anxiety and anger, but you have also brought me so much joy. Please avoid another problem this year!

57. When you were a child, you were really beautiful, you were very attractive at the moment, and I think you will be very beautiful in the future. Happy birthday from the proud parents of the world.

58. You give me so many reasons to be proud of you: you are smart, funny and brave. May your birthday this year be filled with all the joy you can imagine.

59. Son, I want you to know that I love you very much. You mean a perfect world to me, and I hope your deepest hopes and dreams will come true this year. May your year be filled with magic and endless miracles.

60. Always live life to the fullest, because in life you do not want to look back with regret. The only thing I don't regret is having a wonderful son like you. Best wishes!

61. A happy birthday is not enough to express whether I hope your special day. I wish the sun could fill you with all the warmth, love and concern I have for you. Your sun can be as bright as your son.

62. I hope you have a lot of fun on your birthday this year, but not too much. I promise you will want to remember that, at least when you are older. Best wishes!

63. You are a shining example of all that is clear and beautiful in my world. I’m not sure what I’ve done in my life deserves a wonderful son like you, but thank you for everything that has happened.

64. You deserve a lot of things in life: constant care, constant attention, and unlimited support are just some of them. This year, for your birthday, I want to give you the most important thing of all: eternal love.

65. Thank you so much for having such a wonderful son. He is my joy and inspiration in many ways. I hope you get everything you want in life this year.

66. You have enriched my life with wisdom and humor, but nothing has warmed my heart more than your loving and caring ways. I'm not sure if I ever had such a wonderful son, but I'm glad I did.

67. I have a real son like you, my life becomes perfect. May your future be as bright as yours and have nothing but joy on your special day.

68. I wish you a happy birthday and have a much happier future. I know you can achieve anything you want in life because you are a truly amazing son.

69. You are my greatest blessing and you will probably be mine. This year, I would like us to avoid too many problems. If you can't do it, try doing it at least in style!

70. I am so happy to have a wonderful son like you. One who instills integrity, power and greatness. I hope you have a wonderful birthday full of amazing things.

71. You are a strange son and a strange man. May your birthday be as happy as the joy you bring to everyone. Happy birthday, son!

72. You will never get old for a birthday if you can ask and kiss your dear parents. It's very annoying, but at least it's not very old! We hope this year will bring you only happiness.

73. Time has passed this year and I look forward to spending more time with my truly respectful son. May your birthday be filled with sweets and gifts. Best wishes!

74. You are my beloved son in all the world. You too are my only son, but more reason to pat you as much as possible. I hope you have a wonderful birthday full of compassion and love.

75. Son, you will be wise every year, and soon you will be wiser than I am. It is good because it is very important to have goals in life!

76. Thank you for stealing my heart on my birthday. May your special day this year be filled with light, laughter and everlasting joy. Happy birthday, son!

77. I remember that when you were younger, I was your role model. I don’t know when it happened or how, but then you fall for me. Thank you for always being the kind of person you can look up to.

78. You always know how to bring the day into my life and laughter in my heart. You will always be my bond of happiness, but I will do my best to treat you like the person you have become.

79. I am the happiest person in the world because I have a wonderful son like you. I wish you the best of luck as your days are over. Make everything you want to achieve come true.

80. No matter how long the birthdays come, you will be my pride and joy forever. No one else could take your place in my heart. You bring me joy and everlasting love. Happy birthday piece.

81. You have made fathers a wonderful experience in my life. I am truly blessed to have a son like you who nurtures my life with love and lasting love. I hope you know that you are very important.

82. My love for you is greater than my heart can comprehend. Thank you so much for having such an amazing son and for always being able to look like a good parent!

83. You are a beloved son and a respected father. I know you are as proud of your son as I am. Try to make sure that the family tradition of abusing your son on his birthday is maintained for years to come.

84. You surpass my pride and my joy; that's why I try my best. I want to work hard and set a good example for you so that you can be as proud of me as I am.

He is amazing, perfect, and wonderful. Something like a chocolate cake. Happy birthday to my son!
85. I know, you probably think my main goal in life is to ruin yours, but I promise you only the best. May you have unlimited success and great joy this year.

86. You have made my son a purposeful and miserable life. May your birthday be filled with gifts, sweets and ice cream. Best wishes!

87. You are one of the best things that ever happened to me, and I am so thankful that I can be blessed in my life. May all your dreams come true this year.

88. When you were born, you were a little soup of hope and our dreams for the future. Now that you are an adult, you have won all that we could expect. Happy birthday to our very successful son!

89. You are my greatest treasure, son, and I know I often do not tell you what you mean to me. That’s because it’s hard to summarize how parents feel about their child, but I’ll go with it: I love you.

90. Your love always has a smile on my face and joy in my soul. Make your birthday as special as you are, my son. Best wishes!

91. You seem to be showing signs of youth this year. I'm a widower! I’m joking and I hope your year is full of all sorts of cute baby things that fascinate you everywhere.

92. I wish I could cut down on time and save you forever. Since I can't do that, I will have to be content to appreciate every moment I spend with you. Best wishes!

93. You bring eternal light to my world. I hope I can always give you comfort and boundless love. Happy birthday to my son, who deserves it even more in life.

94. When you were young, I was full of instructions for you: do not do this! Now that you are older, I have one more important thing: a happy birthday!

95. I would like to give you so many things for your birthday: balloons, toys and cake are just some of them. At the top of the list should be my boundless love.

96. Whenever I need a reason to smile, I only think of you, because you decorate everything in my life. Make your special day extravagant. Happy birthday, son!

97. How much I love you, there are no limits and I plan to spend the rest of the days with love and care. May your birthday this year be filled with sweet love.

98. Son, every year I see myself more and more in you. I want you to know that I am also sorry about this and I am proud of it! I'm happy for my birthday.

99. Having a wonderful son like you has been one of the greatest joys in my life. All you and your parent can look forward to, and I wish you all the best and happiness this year.

100. A minute after you have grown up, my son. Not only in height but also in adulthood. Happy birthday to my tall, smart and eternal son!

101. This birthday is a perfect reminder that you are always trying to climb all the mountains in front of you. Someone like you can always do what you think. This year, you can overcome any fears and win every battle.

102. Know that no matter what happens in life, I will always be there to cheer you up and support you. There is no effort that I am not proud of.

103. From your birth, my heart is also full of love and joy that I sometimes think will explode. It’s hard to suppress all the feelings I have for you, son, and on your birthday I hope you can feel how much I love you.

104. When you embrace a new chapter in your life, I hope you will embrace it eagerly and with determination. A wonderful son like you has very good things.

105. When I think of you, I begin by thinking of the great love and pride I have for you. He knows no bounds and doesn't even have the same pictures. He's all mine, my son.

Happy birthday to the best ice cream maker your dad can ask for
106. He fills my day with many happy moments and thoughts It is surprisingly important. I just look at my time with you for complete satisfaction and happiness. Happy birthday, son!

107. Ever since you came into my life, nothing is the same and I want you to know that it would not be so. Thank you so much for changing my life for the better.

108. This year, on your birthday, our app seems to have changed. It seems that instead of accepting the gift, you gave it to us, the gift of a perfect son. Best wishes!

109. Today is your big day and I hope it will be full of wonder and greatness. I think you are the world and I want your birthday to be as perfect as you are.

110. I hope you will face morality and courage in the world, my son. May everything you want in life come to you this year. Best wishes!

111. I hope you know that I will always love you, no matter the future. Even if you ruin all my hopes and dreams when you crash my car, I will still love you. But maybe I’ll love you a little bit. I'm kidding!

112. This year we are sending our favorite wishes to our wonderful son. May your birthday have happy times with better friends. Happy birthday, son!

113. I thought I was healthy, but she is coming. Then I realized I didn’t know what was perfect until I was lucky enough to have a good son like you.

114. I hope you are as proud of being my son as I am of being your parent. Know that he is your biggest fan and your biggest protector in life. Best wishes!

115. When you were young, I always swore to protect, care, and love you. Somehow our circumstances have changed over the years. Now you protect me and take care of me, but I will still love you.

116. Our relationship may not be the most smooth, but it has always included love and respect, so we end up there. Happy birthday to my son, who is trying to survive, but deserves my constant respect.

117. You always amaze me with your ability to spread kindness and generosity to everyone you meet. Honestly, I'm not sure where you have those qualities, but I'm glad you did!

118. May your birthday announce great success for the rest of your life. I want you to know that you are my greatest joy and your pride. Happy birthday, son!

119. If you need a shoulder to lean on or a place to rest, know that you can always come back to me. The job of being a parent will always involve you so we can invite you home.

120. May your birthday always remain in your heart, as I do. A wonderful and wonderful son like you is a real gift in life. Happy birthday to the oldest son in the world!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Your Son
Sons like you don't come along everyday. And thank God for that, because we can hardly feed one of you. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, son.

You're really showing some signs of growing up this year. It's a miracle! I'm just kidding, and I hope your year is filled with all kinds of wonderfully childish things that captivate you in every way. Happy Birthday son!

As you get older, one thing you can look forward to is that you will look as good and wonderful as your parents. Happy Birthday son!

Happy Birthday son! You were a wonderful child, and you have become a wonderful person. Note that I didn't mention anything about adolescence. was a joke happy Birthday!

Every year, you are becoming more beautiful, smarter and more awesome. Looks like you're trying to be like me! Well, hope your wishes come true. Happy birthday my dear son.

Hey Little Champion, Happy Birthday to you! Looks like it's time to get older and wiser, so no more midnight cookies for you!

Did you know that science proves time and again that people who celebrate more birthdays live longer than those who don't?! Happy birthday dear son.

You always wanted us to treat you as an adult, so on this birthday we have decided to fulfill your wish. This year the cleaning and work are all yours. You are welcome! Happy birthday dear son.

Wishing you a wonderful birthday, son. I can't believe my sweet little son is getting closer and closer to enjoying senior citizen discounts and deals. Son, so you see old age isn't a bad idea when you look at it from another angle.

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